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Game Name Pokemon League of Legends (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (6 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher C me
Image Format .gba
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Version: Completed (September 12th 2017 update)

Pokemon, quite a good game

League of legends, aside from the daily cancer its a good game too

PRESENTING~ the ultimate crossover of pokemon league of legends!!! was summoners rift getting too boring? want to dive into the homelands of the champions? want to catch an Ahri and make her your waifu? this game gots it all.

for people who knows both games, the little changes to pokemon is what will make you smile. pokemon cries has been changed with the voices of the  champions. they can have  skins and some can even evolve.

Are you READY? to become rank one in the world (take that! pants R dragon) or become the hardcore farmer and get all champions in your pokedex LOLdex?

the elite 4 has transformed! they are now former world champions, face fnatic, ssg, tpa and of course: SK TELECOM T1!!! this may be your only chance to defeat faker

attached a LOLdex spreadsheet for your convenience

SEE YOU ON THE RIFT(actually the whole valoran!)


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