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Game Name Pokemon Expert Emerald (Hack)
Console GameBoy Advance
Game Release (10 years ago)
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Publisher Indie
Image Format .gba
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Latest version- Beta 1.5 (Final Beta)

What is Pokemon Expert Emerald? It is a hackrom that makes justice to all the Pokemon species up to Generation 3. The game maintains the same plot and setting as the original Emerald but includes ALL the Pokemon introduced up to Generation 3.

The focus of Expert Emerald is for you to master the absolute mechanics of Pokemon up to the third Generation of games and it is amazing. Unlike other hacks that implement new movements, new pokemon and new mechanics to the games, Expert Emerald shines due to its overhaul of the already present elements in Generation 3.

And what is so special about being able to get all the Pokemon in this game, when other hacks offer that to me too? Because they offer you the Pokemon and forget about another important element: The Stats.

-Complete Overhaul of the Pokemon up to Gen 3
Expert Emerald takes the liberty to FIX the broken, as in non functional, mechanics of Gen 3 games while keeping Gen 3 mechanics! A LOT of Pokemon get coherent and reasonable Base Stat bosts in order to bring balance and variety to the game.

And not only Stats are fixed, but the movesets are expanded. Coherent implementation of movements in Pokemon that SHOULD had been able to learn these movements before, now they do it. Also, some other movements are learnt  faster to make some Pokemon playable to further extends.

Abilities have been reasigned. Coherent ability changes have been aplied and some Pokemon get further tactics with this.

-Movements have been enhanced
Continuity nods with the newer games, some movements have been modified to match their new stats and some others have been customized for the purpose of balance. Spam Bullet Seed until you run out of PP!

-Trainer Overhaul
Each trainer has been modified with specific teams of pokemon with specific sets of movements and each use specific items to further prove you that you still need to get good. The more you advance, the more you have to adapt to the proper way to play the game. Tactics are important for both you and the trainers in the game.

-Other Changes
These can be found the documents inside the download and range between the modification of the evolution method of some Pokemon to the introduction of new event Pokemon on the maps and tons more of new elements that will expand the already big gameplay value of the original Emerald.

Challenge yourself. Don’t let the old mechanics break your spirit while you make your way to the top, and while you’re on it be sure to defeat Wally in his ultimate super boss battle. Somebody has to teach the kid that he will never be a relevant character outside some “works of fiction”.


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