Pokemon Dark Violet (Hack) GBA ROM

Pokemon Dark Violet (Hack)
Game Name:Pokemon Dark Violet (Hack)
Console:GameBoy Advance
Release Date:2014-01-26
Publisher:Chaos Rush
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Pokemon Dark Violet (Hack) is a Hack/RPG video game published by Chaos Rush released on January 26, 2014 for the GameBoy Advance.

Original Source: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=291789

You think “Oh, it’s just another Fire Red/Red remake, lame”

Well, yes. It IS a Red remake.
A very well done one with a great mapping style, nice remastered music, added moves from later Gens, and a rewritten story that adds Green/Red (opposite gender) into the plot.

The maps are based on the original Red/Blue games so expect many square buildings. Also Pokemon Tower is embedded into the mountain like the original games.
Some moves from 4th gen (like Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, etc) have been added with new animations and some existing moves animations were revamped.
There is also a track later in the game based on Pokemon
Origin’s Bicycle music. (Kinda obvious where it is)

Chaos Rush is the guy who made that DS style 64 x 64 Pokemon Sprites Resource. He knows how to make good looking sprites.

The whole game goes up to Fuschia City and
7 Gyms (since Giovanni isn’t one anymore due to plot)
Game in its current state is still very much worth playing.


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