Pokemon Blazing Emerald (Hack) GBA ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Blazing Emerald (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (5 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Struedelmuffin
Image Format .gba
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A romhack of Pokemon Emerald.
Version: v1.3
Site: Blazing Emerald Homepage
Discord Channel: Struedelmuffin

A new difficulty hack with some added QoL changes and changes to mechanics.

  • New starters: Pikachu, Clefairy, and Eevee
  • Day/Night System, Color Designated Stats for Natures, EV/IV Display, UI changes, Gen 4+ Phys/Spec split, Infinite TM use
  • Movesets and Abilities have been updated and/or modified for certain Pokemon.
  • Extra optional overworld events
  • Semi-hidden evolutions like *cough* Silviviper
  • Select Pokemon from later generations such as Shinx!


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