Pokemon Black Orb (Hack) GBA ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Black Orb (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (12 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher xmouvelianx
Image Format .gba
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This is the latest version, Alpha 2.0 of the game (not sure if the author will ever continue on it).

Pokemon Black Orb is a Fire Red hack where you play as the child of a famous scientist who recently discovered the existence of a mysterious black orb. As your father researches the Orb to unravel its secrets, he unknowingly helps an organisation known as Team Zen who are out to use it for their own evil purposes. And your job is to basically be the Hero and save the day. Changes Include:

  • No more Gym battles (YAY!), instead, you have to do mini quests or certain tasks in towns to get the badges.
  • Three new fakemon.
  • Interesting ‘Save the pokemon’ events.
  • Reputation System
  • Actions will have Consequences!
  • And more…



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