Pokemon Black Dark (Hack) [Spanish] GBA ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Black Dark (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (8 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Jo7a
Image Format .gba
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Languages: SPANISH

Spanish hacks have alot of visually appealing stuff.
I see full body art (not mugshots) and lots of nice looking areas.

A rain forest, glacier, ruins, the fucking sky, villages, etc.

The overarching story is about a power struggle between two clans known as the “Light Clan” and the “Dark Clan”
It formed a chain of hatred and revenge over the years.
200 hundred years later, the Dark Clan has fallen and is presently the Black Dark Clan, also known as the Black Team, and the
protagonist is a grunt for its current head.

Get the full lore tale from Original Source.

Game is incomplete currently. It’s at Beta 4 so good amount of progress. The project is on hiatus for now.

Link: Site is dead.


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