Fire Emblem: The Last Promise (Hack) GBA ROM

Fire Emblem: The Last Promise (Hack)
Game Name:Fire Emblem: The Last Promise (Hack)
Console:GameBoy Advance
Release Date:2013-06-10
Publisher:Crimson Red
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Fire Emblem: The Last Promise (Hack) is a Hack/Tactical RPG video game published by Crimson Red released on June 10, 2013 for the GameBoy Advance.

Original Source:

One of those hacks from the obscure Fire Emblem fangame base.

Anyways, it’s a story and difficulty up hack like many other FE hacks with its own custom maps, items, and units.

There was yet another human-dragon war on the continent of Blaine but the humans, unable to match their strength, fled to the lands of Solum. Over time, the humans became divided and formed their own territories and ideals.

Now to modern day, the Magnus empire has started invading the others countries (feels like Grado all over again). They are ultimately successful in conquering their neighbors and their momentum continues.

Now, we have our former Knight commander Siegfried, who has been in hiding due to personal injuries. He gathers up forces to fight back against the Magnus army.

Known Bugs, Glitches, and Problems.txt

This is the Final version of this hack, Beta v2.1.
Everything has been finished, including post-game.


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