Fire Emblem: GhebFE (Hack) GBA ROM

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Game Name Fire Emblem: GhebFE (Hack)
Console GameBoy Advance
Game Release (13 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher Aitos Saibankan
Image Format .gba
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Creator: Aitos Saibankan/game_adict 46/Furry YunSeong
Hack of: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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GhebFE is a story + difficulty hack of Fire Emblem 8. It stars the (in)famous Gheb (originally the boss of Chapter 9 Ephraim’s route in FE8) a character  that has been all but deified by the Fire Emblem community for his “unique” personality. This game,  follows his schmexyness, Gheb, and his merry band of companions as they quest against the enigmatic impostor Gleb. It is also fairly hard, as is the standard of Fire Emblem rom hacks.

This game also has a few tweaked mechanics, such as how thieves can steal pretty much anything, new classes, different promotions, etc. It also has a few blatant bugs, most notably where the game locks up if one presses B while selecting the target of a staff. refer to the Readme file included in the rar archive for the full changelist.

Warning: Considering the nature of this game, cussing, crass humor, memes and rape jokes abound. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea.


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