Super Mario Strikers E3 2005 Prototype (USA) Gamecube ISO

Super Mario Strikers (Prototype)
Game Name:Super Mario Strikers (Prototype)
Release Date:2005-09-28
Genre:, ,
Publisher:Next Level Games, Nintendo
Image Format:ISO
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Super Mario Strikers (Prototype) is a Action/Soccer/Sports video game published by Next Level Games, Nintendo released on September 28, 2005 for the Gamecube.

This is the prototype of Super Mario Strikers that was shown in E3 2005. The prototype was extracted from the Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc Version 31 and converted to ISO. In the demo, despite that you could only access few things (because it was a demo), you could actually access even more options and beta content by enabling the menus through a INI file the proto usues. Note that any bugs in the game are because of how the proto/game was not finalized yet at this point.

NOTE: If the game asks you about a corrupt Memory Card, it’s best to dismiss it and not letting it format it. Also, the Game ID it uses seems to be a leftover of NHL Hitz Pro, as that game also posseses the Game ID of this ISO, was released 2 years before the demo and said game also was developed by Next Level Games.


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Super Mario Strikers E3 2005 Prototype (USA) Gamecube ISO Download