Skies Of Arcadia Legends (UNDUB) (USA) GCN ISO

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Game Name Skies Of Arcadia Legends (Undub)
Console GCN
Game Release (19 years ago)
Publisher SEGA
Languages ,
Image Format ISO
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Skies Of Arcadia Legends (Undub) is a RPG video game published by SEGA released on January 27th, 2003 for the GCN.

Added Undub by Julian. The Second undub was made afterwards by Netqork. The difference between the two are not known even by Netqork himself. So yeah. Choose either.

This is Google Translate from Russian, it transliterated Undub as "Andab" but you get the idea:

Netqork undub is the file: "Skies Of Arcadia Legends (Undub) [GCN].7z"

Note: As far as i know the story dialog don’t have voices, so undub happens on battle voices.


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Skies Of Arcadia Legends (UNDUB) (USA) GCN ISO Download:

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