Ultraman Ball (J+English Patched) GB ROM

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Game Name Ultraman Ball (J+English Patched)
Original Title ウルトラマンボール
Console GameBoy
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Bec
Languages ,
Image Format .gb
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Ultraman Ball (J+English Patched) (ウルトラマンボール) is a Action/Platformer 2D video game published by Bec released on December 22nd, 1994 for the GameBoy.

Ultraman Ball (Japan): CRC-32: 468d1a2e

English Patch info:

Released By: Suicidal Translations
Status: Fully Translated except the ending credits.
Patch Version: 0.99
Release: 28 Feb 2003

This is a little gem i actually can recommend if you are into old games. Ultraman controls very well, he has 2 forms: Regular (humanoid) and ball! Yes pretty much like on Chalvo 55. The ball form is used to kill enemies and jump higher while the normal form is used to climb laders but the coolest thing about it is the ability to slowly slide against walls to be able to reach higher platforms, yes pretty much like megaman games! You have to actually think to resolve the levels you can’t mindlessly run forward (hm sonic) in one form or the other, you have to use the appropiate one for each situation.


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