Pokemon Grape (Hack) GB ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Grape (Hack)
Console GameBoy
Game Release (6 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher 80C
Image Format .gb
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Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=349823

One of the last hacks using the more dated Rom hacking methods (think between Brown and XY Naturia) using ASM but it’s still decent.

Takes place in the region of Frejo which is competing with the neighboring region of Keigo for ownership of the Pokemon League that borders the two regions.


  • Physical/Special split in a Gen 1 game
  • 7 new types: Atom, Wood, Wind, Gas, Sound, Light and Bone
  • 70 new moves added in
  • Usual improved graphics and overworld
  • Additional 240 Pokemon added in from later generations
  • Some mechanics from later generations like ice sliding, EXP bar, running shoes, etc.


This is Beta 3.1, the game stops after beating 7 Gyms and you reach Silten City’s Train Station.

There’s a list of minor bugs and bug fixes of Red in Original Source if you want to check.


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