Oni IV: Kijin no Ketsuzoku (English Patched) GB ROM

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Game Name Oni IV: Kijin no Ketsuzoku (English Patched)
Console GB
Game Release (29 years ago)
Publisher Banpresto
Image Format .gb
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Oni IV: Kijin no Ketsuzoku (English Patched) is a RPG video game published by Banpresto released on March 11th, 1994 for the GB.

Released By Akujin
Language English
Status Unfinished
Patch Version 0.30
Release Date 22 Feb 2000

What does it translate?:

Extremely old abandoned patch for Oni IV. From the readme file:

  • Menu, battle, shop text
  • Items, weapons, armor
  • Technique names are in romanized japanese (as much as I could fit into 8 tiles or
    less) For the most part they are invented words.
  • Approximately 17% of total dialogue text (19K / 114K)
  • All of the important dialogue for the first hour-
    and-a-half or so of play time is complete. Most
    “townie” dialogue for this section is not.
  • A bug causes the Defense values of armor in shops to be displayed as ten times their actual value. So, if a piece of armor says its defense value is 50 it really is 5. Oops. I’ll fix this eventually [Note: He never did].


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