Momotarou Dengeki (English Patched) GB ROM

The coverart image of Momotarou Dengeki (English Patched)
Game Name Momotarou Dengeki (English Patched)
Original Title 桃太郎電劇
Console GameBoy
Game Release (28 years ago)
Publisher Hudson Soft
Image Format .gb
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Momotarou Dengeki (English Patched) (桃太郎電劇) is a Action video game published by Hudson Soft released on August 8th, 1993 for the GameBoy.

English Patch info:

Released By: The Spoony Bard
Status: Fully Translated
Patch Version: .91
Release: 07 Mar 1999

I’ll attempt to explain what’s going on. Momotaro can throw infinite peaches at enemies to kill them, when they die they turn into a slightly bigger peach. You can then pick it up and throw it to another enemy and yet another bigger peach will spawn. If you throw that one to an enemy well…no more peaches BUT it gives you bunch of coins as reward.

Momotaro can also get into different suits, like a monkey which seems to jump higher or a bird that can plane a bit while on air. Pretty neat actually. Give it a chance.


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