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Game Name Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Hack)
Console GBC
Game Release (8 years ago)
Publisher P.S.C
Image Format .gbc
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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Hack) is a Fighting video game published by P.S.C released on July 7th, 2015 for the GBC.

This is Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate for Gameboy Color. This hack was made by P.S.C UMK3 GBC Project back in 2014. And kept pretty much in obscurity for some reason.

  • Version: 0.8.2
  • Release Date: 27/07/2015

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for GameBoy Color Hack info:

  •  100% backwards “Dual-Compatible.” Plays the same on both black & white and COLOR GameBoy systems.
  • 2-player mode via the Super GameBoy (but no Link Cable yet).
  •  Press SELECT on the title screen for a SECRET MENU.
  •  Play as Human Smoke by selecting Robot Smoke and holding BACK+UP+A before the round begins.
  •  Wait on the Title screen to see the game story and Kombat Tips.
  •  Press A+B+sTART+sELECT to reset to the Game Over screen.
  •  Hold SELECT and press UP/DOWN to select custom palettes on the SELECT SCREEN.
  •  Press START+SELECT on the SELECT SCREEN to restore default palettes.
  • The graphics were designed with the HQ2x emulator filter in mind.


  • Human Smoke & Noob Saibot walk faster than other characters.
  • Shao Kahn walks the fastest (but can’t run)

Special moves

Square Wave Punch: down, back, punch
Fan Toss: forward, forward, BLOCK (can also be in air)
Fan Lift: back, back, back, punch

Sai Toss: forward, forward, punch (can also be in air)
Ground Roll: back, back, down, kick
Tele-kick: forward, forward, kick

Green Kick: down, forward, kick
Boomerang: back, forward, punch

Spear: back, back, punch
Telepunch: down, back, punch
Air Throw: BLOCK (in air, next to opponent)

Acid Spit: forward, forward, punch
Acid Ball: back, back, BLOCK
Slide: back+punch+kick
Invisible: hold BLOCK, up, up, down, down

Fireball: down, forward, punch
Telepunch: down, back, punch
Tele-lift: back, down, back, kick (doesn’t slam them)

SubZero (classic)
Ice blast: down, forward, punch
Slide: back+punch+kick

SubZero (MK3 unmasked)
Ice blast: down, forward, punch (uses masked ninja’s frames)
Slide: back+punch+kick (uses masked ninja’s frames)

Missile: forward, forward, punch
Teleuppercut: forward, forward, kick

(same as Robot Smoke for now)

Smoke (robot)
Spear: back, back, punch
Teleuppercut: forward, forward, kick
Invisible: hold BLOCK, up, up, down, down
Air Throw: BLOCK (in air, next to opponent)

Shao Kahn
Rising Knee: down, forward, kick
Fireball: down, forward, punch
Taunt: down, down, kick
(note that Kahn has a Throw move, although it’s the same animation as the regular Punch)

Human Smoke & Noob Saibot
Same as Scorpion

NOTE: Shang Tsung, Jax, and Kung Lao do not have special moves in this demo right now.


A new GameBoy Color game in 2014? Since 1992, Mortal Kombat has been a groundbreaking and extremely successful series, being
ported to all the popular home videogame systems of the time (and still being ported to new devices this day!).

MK1, II, 3 and even MK4 were released on the GameBoy and GameBoy Color (MK4 being dual-compatible),
but oddly enough, Ultimate MK3, often considered the most popular of the series, never saw
release on the most famous of handhelds: Nintendo’s GameBoy.

Even the obscure Tiger Game.com (a black & white 8-bit GameBoy-style system released in 1997) got a port of
MK Trilogy. And in Asia, pirates have produced various unofficial bootleg NES versions of MK1-3, but never Ultimate MK3.

So UMK3 has never seen a release in classic, retro, 8-bit form. And why not?

UMK3 is often considered the most popular game in the MK series, and is still being played and released
to this day. It had been released on the Nintendo DS, as an iPad ap, and on the XBox 360 and PS3 where
people battle it out over the online network.

The Nintendo GameBoy is one of the most successful videogame systems in history, selling over 110 million units,
and holding a secure place in pop culture. So seeing as UMK3 is still being released and played
almost two decades after its original arcade debut, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to finally see
how the game could look if given a proper 8-bit conversion?”

Part of the fun of the project was the challenge of representing a fast, fluid fighting game on such famously
under powered hardware. The original GB MK ports (with the exception of MKII) don’t have a very stellar
reputation, and I always thought the system was capable of much more. So here, finally, is a port of UMK3
that hopefully showcases the GameBoy at its best, and demonstrates what a great game UMK3 is, even in 8-bit form.

This unofficial, not-for-profit fan demo was made as a tribute to my favorite videogame system, the
Nintendo GameBoy, and one of my favorite fighting games, UMK3.
I hope you enjoy this technical and artistic undertaking.


The game was programmed in z80 assembly language, and assembled with the RGBDS assembler.

  • The BGB emulator was used for debugging.
  • The XPMCK music player was used for the music engine, the songs being transcribed in MML.
  • www.mortalkombatwarehouse.com was used for the sprites/graphics, and SFX.



Currently the project is considered a finished BETA demo.
The un-animated characters (Jax, Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, MK3 unmasked Sub-Zero) do not have
moves since their graphics were not complete, and it takes a long time to both design the
sprites, and optimize them not to flicker. Similarly, Shao Kahn is not 100% complete as
his punch and kick animations only have one frame. But I hope what is included is
complete enough to enjoy the game and see how it can run on the system.


Would you like to see this on VIRTUAL CONSOLE?
E-mail: z80artist@mail.com



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