Pokemon Maize [Beta v3.2] (Hack) GBC ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Maize (Hack)
Console GBC
Game Release (7 years ago)
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Publisher ShantyTown
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Was made aiming for a traditional Pokemon story with new villain team and region.


  • New region of Boldor
  • 181 Pokemon and Steel, Dark, and Fairy typing
  • Physical/Special Split
  • New music, items, attacks from later games
  • Day/Night system
  • Nuzlocke mode difficulty
  • Swarms and Roaming Pokemon
  • Battle Factory
  • And more….

Important from the post
“My game does not have any color in it. It’s black and white like regular Red and not like the screenshots. Why is this happening?”
You need to play in SGB (super gameboy) mode. Most emulators support this. VisualBoy Advance is a popular emulator that will do this. Shiny pokemon flash the screen black when they appear, so that’s how you can tell in case you can’t get the colors to work. They also have a “!” in the top-left corner in their stats screen if you catch one.

Adding to this, in Visual Boy Advance, it’s Options -> Gameboy -> SGB. Then close the emulator and restart the ROM for the colors to show up.

Q: How far does this Beta go?
A: Up to the 6th gym, ending in Entropia City.

Known Bugs

  • Entering the “Timmy” lab after you’ve beaten him may cause the game to freeze.
  • Dark-type attacks aren’t super effective against Ghost types.
  • Mirror Move can break the game if it’s trying to copy Dive. (Maybe this is the case for all new attacks…? Not sure.)
  • Town Map locations are incorrect for several indoor houses. (Same problem with pokemon nest locations.)


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