Pokemon Gold Version (All Regions) GBC ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Gold Version
Console GameBoy Color
Game Release (22 years ago)
Publisher Gamefreak, Nintendo
Languages , , , , , ,
Image Format .gbc
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Pokemon Gold Version is a RPG video game published by Gamefreak, Nintendo released on November 21st, 1999 for the GameBoy Color.

This is all the official versions of Pokemon Gold that exist, includes games for all regions (USA, Europe, Japan and Korea):

  1. (USA, Europe) – CRC-32: 6bde3c3e
  2. Goldene Edition (Germany) – CRC-32: 4889dfaa
  3. Version Or (France) – CRC-32: 37a70702
  4. Versione Oro (Italy) – CRC-32: 4c184ce3
  5. Edicion Oro (Spain) – CRC-32: 3434a92b
  6. Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) – CRC-32: 524478d4
  7. Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) (Rev 1) – CRC-32: 4ef7f2a5
  8. Pocket Monsters Geum (Korea) – CRC-32: 249a7a66

All are (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible) and Verified Good Dumps with datomatic database.


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