Pokemon Gold Version (All Regions) GBC ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Gold Version
Console GBC
Game Release (23 years ago)
Publisher Gamefreak, N
Languages , , , , , ,
Image Format .gbc
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Pokemon Gold Version is a RPG video game published by Gamefreak, N released on November 21st, 1999 for the GBC.

This is all the official versions of Pokemon Gold that exist, includes games for all regions (USA, Europe, Japan and Korea):

  1. (USA, Europe) – CRC-32: 6bde3c3e
  2. Goldene Edition (Germany) – CRC-32: 4889dfaa
  3. Version Or (France) – CRC-32: 37a70702
  4. Versione Oro (Italy) – CRC-32: 4c184ce3
  5. Edicion Oro (Spain) – CRC-32: 3434a92b
  6. Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) – CRC-32: 524478d4
  7. Pocket Monsters Kin (Japan) (Rev 1) – CRC-32: 4ef7f2a5
  8. Pocket Monsters Geum (Korea) – CRC-32: 249a7a66

All are (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible) and Verified Good Dumps with datomatic database.


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