Pokemon - Crystal Version (Celebi Patched) GBC ROM

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Game Name Pokemon - Crystal Version (Celebi Patched)
Console GBC
Game Release (21 years ago)
Publisher Game Freak, N
Image Format .gbc
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Pokemon - Crystal Version (Celebi Patched) is a RPG video game published by Game Freak, N released on July 30th, 2001 for the GBC.

The game nothing change except getting Celebi. Anyone who is sick using gameshark codes for the Celebi event.

Update: Increased Opponents level for the following:

  • Johto GYM Leaders
  • Kanto GYM Leaders
  • Elite Four and Champion Lance
  • PKMN Trainer Silver/Rival (Same now as RED/ASH)
  • PKMN Trainer CAL/GOLD
  • PKMN Trainer RED/ASH (He is supposed to be the best trainer in the world after all)
  • Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City


  • Red Gyarados, Lapras, Eevee and Sudowoodo’s Original Level has changed.
  • Silver/Rival’s 3 old Pokemon has replace (Mt. Moon and Indigo Plateau)
  • 2 starter pkmn which you can’t choose at the beginning of the game is now replace and fight against Silver/Rival in Indigo Plateau.
  • There’s another surprise….

Credits: SuperEgz for sharing in RED’s PKMN Level, BlazingMagmar for his Modifying Level Curve for Johto GYM Leaders(Both from Pokecommunity.com) and ShaneM – Creator of Celebi event patch but unfortunately his patch are long gone.


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