Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (J+English Patched) FDS ROM

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Game Name Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu
Original Title ダンディー ゼウオンの復活
Console FDS
Game Release (35 years ago)
Publisher Atelier Double, Pony Canyon
Languages ,
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Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (ダンディー ゼウオンの復活) is a Action RPG video game published by Atelier Double, Pony Canyon released on 1988 for the FDS.

Some sort of Zelda style game. I know next to nothing about this translation, except for these credits:

Hack by: Hikki Arts
Translation by Agentorange
Thanks to: Mrrichard999
Fixed by: Tomy
Shared by: Cooper

Patch Date: 2017


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